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ELECTORAL REFORM SOCIETY: If You Felt Like Your Vote Didn't Count for Much on 7 May, You're Not on Your Own
50% of all votes in the election (15million) went to losing candidates, while 74% of votes (22million) were 'wasted' - i.e. they didn't contribute to electing the winning MP. At the same time, 331 of our 650 MPs were elected on under 50% of the vote, and 191 with less than 30% of the electorate. An estimated 2.8million people voted 'tactically' this election for candidates they didn't fully support - nearly a tenth of all voters. Much of this 'lesser evil' approach comes from the fact that in some constituencies there are only one or two candidates who realistically stand a chance of winning. Many of these are 'safe seats'. The ERS was able to call the winner correctly in 363 of 368 seats - a month before polling day - due to the prevalence of these under First Past the Post. Now, we're no Mystic Megs - we just know the system is bust. The problem goes deeper than these statistics, though. First Past the Post is artificially exaggerating divides in the UK - giving the SNP nearly all Scottish seats on half of Scottish votes, while virtually excluding Labour from the South of England. Equally, Labour are over-represented in Wales, while the Conservatives are under-represented in the North of England and Scotland. It's a mess. The situation is just as bad in Northern Ireland. Cross-community parties there got a tenth of the vote on 7 May - but no seats. Yet the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) received nearly half the seats on just a quarter of the vote.


In 1997 the percentage of young people not voting shot up. Under 55- year-olds too

Since 1979, Labour or Tory, inequality rose whilst economic performance remained the same

"It's the economy, stupid" means the economies of individual families, not just UK Plc

Hope you didn't vote for anyone who helps pump up house prices

Lest we forget: all policies are pointless unless the banks are reined in


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