Thursday 2 February 2012

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With the busting of Mr.Goodwin, former Royal Bank of Scotland CEO and erstwhile knight of the realm, we refer you to some research done by Channel4's multi-award winning current affairs programme Dispatches. 

In 2009 they did a tally of honours given to bankers and others in the finance industry between 1997 and 2009:

According to this tally, there were 81 honours given to individuals working in banking and finance

  • 36 of these were awarded to bankers
  • 19 knighthoods, MBEs, CBEs or OBEs awarded by the government for "services to banking"
  • 62 honours were given for services to the finance industry
  • Of those rewarded, 16 worked for banks which later failed
  • 9 honours were awarded to RBS staff
  • Standard Chartered, HSBC, HBOS and Barclays each received 4 honours
  • Lloyds TSB were awarded 3 honours

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