Monday 5 November 2012

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Both Cameron and Miliband have voiced support in the past. All it needs is the political will...

Labour calls for £7.20 an hour 'living wage' TELEGRAPH

Almost five million British workers are paid less than the living wage
The research by KPMG found that 4.82m workers survive on less than a living wage. The government has resisted campaigns to increase the current minimum wage of £6.19 to the higher living wage levels, fearing that it would hit employment figures. All three main party leaders expressed support for the Living Wage campaign before the last election but have done nothing about it since then. GUARDIAN


Cutting benefits will push the work-shy into employment? Actually benefits subsidise the low wages of millions of working Britons

Here's how the poor end up being charged £1,000+ more for the same basic goods: all bills, food, etc.


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