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Research by the Inequality Briefing organisation reveals how big the gap between rich and poor in the UK has grown. To the extent that the UK has the single richest region  (Inner London) as well as nine of the ten poorest regions in Northern Europe(see the map below).

You can access their briefing paper by clicking here (and the graphic here), in which they state:

"the poorest UK regions are by far the poorest in Northern Europe. This is because the UK is much more unequal than other countries, where there is nowhere as rich as London, but nowhere as poor as our poorest regions."


  1. If Viena is Northern Europe?????? Then Czech Rep. should have been included too.

  2. The point here is to compare UK performance with similar economies, commonly described as "Northern Europe". Sure, there are plenty of other reasons to compare with all EU - but not in this report.

  3. I can't imagine Lancashire is any poorer than Connacht is in the Republic of Ireland on a per-capita basis, but I'd be willing to be surprised.

  4. The source data, which includes all EU countries, is from Eurostat

    1. More background here

  5. Worth remembering this report was written in 2011 with data from 2009-2010. So this is after 13 years of labour government & their London Centric bias


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