Friday 25 April 2014

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Fee, Chris and KJ look into the future...

SOURCE DAILY MAIL: TNT posties dumping your letters in bushes. Rivals to Royal Mail accused of ditching deliveries to earn more
Letters have been found dumped in undergrowth in Manchester and London. The company’s orange-clad staff are paid according to how quick they are – giving them an incentive to ditch mail. Unlike Royal Mail, which must deliver 93 per cent of first-class letters on the next working day, TNT Post is not subject to strict rules laid down by the industry regulator Ofcom. To add to the chaos, people who find letters dumped or wrongly delivered by TNT Post typically put them into a Royal Mail postbox. Royal Mail will then levy a £1.53 surcharge – to the fury of recipients. Customers blame TNT Post for missed hospital appointments, lost bills and delayed medical test results. TNT Post began its delivery operations in west London in April 2012 and has expanded into other parts of the capital as well as to Manchester and Liverpool. It hopes to reach 40 per cent of UK households within three years.


What are the private sector skills outsourcing companies bring to the public sector other than a) slash pay; b) hike costs


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