Sunday 6 April 2014

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Compare and Contrast

  • IPSA: Recommends that Maria Miller repay £45,000 for mis-claimed expenses

  • MPs: Over-rule IPSA, reducing the amount to be repayed by £39,200 down to £5,800

  • IPSA: Recommends MPs get an 11% payrise, taking their basic salaries up from £66,396 in 2013 to £74,000 in 2015

  • MPs: State they are forced to accept this salary hike as they have no power to over-rule IPSA. With great reluctance they will courageously loosen their belts and swallow it. 



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  1. Although the government claims not to have the power to over-rule the independent body recommending MPs' payrise, apparently they do have the power to over-rule the independent body recommending nurses' payrise. BBC reports:

    "But the government rejected recommendations from the independent pay review body for the across-the-board rise to be given to all staff in 2014-15.

    Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said implementing the pay body's recommendations would be "unaffordable and would risk the quality of patient care" as nursing jobs would have to be cut if everyone in the NHS got the 1% rise."


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