Tuesday 8 April 2014

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SOURCE TELEGRAPH: Benefit cheats face higher fines and losing their homes
Welfare cheats will be forced to sell their homes and pay higher fines to reimburse taxpayers for the money they have wrongly claimed, under plans to tackle benefit fraud. The plans form part of a major campaign from ministers this week to publicise reforms to the welfare system, which the Conservatives regard as among their most popular, vote-winning policies. A publicity campaign, including posters urging claimants to report those whom they suspect to be cheating the system, and letters warning individuals to check they are not receiving too much.

SOURCE DAILY MAIL: The £1.2m pile Miller bought with proceeds of '2nd home': Culture Secretary's sprawling barn conversion complete with oak beams, wood-burning stove and library
Maria Miller’s stunning new home cost her £1.2million - almost exactly the profit she made selling a property funded by taxpayers. Mrs Miller made taxpayers fund some of the mortgage payments on her London property, then sold it and used the whopping profit to buy this ‘charming’ Tudor house in Hampshire. It boasts five bedrooms, a spectacular vaulted gallery and its own woodland set in more than an acre of land.


  1. Why are the Fraud Squad not investigating Miller and her embezzlement of public money??

  2. I was thinking there would be a case for asset seizure under the Proceeds of Crime Act. Anybody who has actual knowledge of such matters got a view on that idea?

  3. this is a joke, how can we let it just disapear, she needs to pay back what she screwed the tax payer out of, oh and any interest accrued


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