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How miraculous is Britain's 'jobs miracle'? 

Since the start of the Banking Crisis, Britain has been able to boast a less ghastly unemployment rate than the rest of the EU according to the Office of National Statistics

How did our leaders manage that? Or did they??

The truth is revealed in another ONS report, "An Examination of Falling Real Wages, 2010-2013". The percentage of people who lost their full-time jobs during the banking crash around 2008 were matched by the same percent moving into part-time jobs. Many of these people, as a result of the cut to their incomes, will require "benefits" to top up their low pay.
Even though they have saved the government's blushes by keeping the headline unemployment figure down, they are still casualties of ill-informed villification by politicians who surely know better.

According to the Office of National Statistics the average (median) weekly wage in April 2013 was 
  • Full Time: £517 per week
  • Part Time: £160 per week
On average, going from Full-time to Part-time involved a 70% pay cut.

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  1. My sister s full time private sector job was lost. It was readvertised as 2 partime jobs at a reduction of 50% in the total salary. This was a professional care work which my sister was highly qualified for and is now being done by 2 unqualified inexperienced people. The graph - fig6 is fascinating a reflection - last time I saw any think like this was on a beautiful sunny day on Loch Ness. These figures aren't beautiful they are shocking.


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