Friday 7 February 2014

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Fee explains it all to KJ. Or maybe it's the other way around...

SOURCE HIGH PAY CENTRE: Unequal workplaces suffer more strikes and higher staff turnover
Workplaces with big pay gaps between the highest and lowest wage earners suffer more industrial disputes, more sickness and higher staff turnover than employers with more equitable pay differentials. The report shows, on average, that bosses earning 10 times more than the lowest-paid staff in their organisation experience industrial action at least once a year. Those with lower pay differentials do not. Workplaces where top earners get 8 times the pay of junior staff report at least one case a year of work-related illness. Workplaces with pay differentials of 5 or less do not report any. Organisations with average pay ratios of 7:1 experience higher staff turnover.


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  1. Wonder how you work that out. Have been in the workforce 20 years and worked for 10 different organisations. Have never gone on strike, nor have my colleagues.


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