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These graphs are from the Joseph Rowntree Trust:
In 2015 almost 6 million people were paid less than a living wage, at the time £9.15 per hour in London and £7.85 per hour in the rest of the UK. This is about one in five of the UK workforce (made up of approximately 30 million people in 2015 according to the Office of National Statistics). 

Nearly 80% of jobs done by the 18-21 year age group in 2013 were 'low paid'. 

Most low paid jobs in the Public Sector were held by those over 40 years of age.


  1. The Joseph Roundtree stuff is complete dross.

    The living wage figure is already an average of *different* minimum wages required by different family types.

    (From 2011 figures...)
    Living wage for a couple is £6 each - they would be laughing on £7.20 each. Not 'low paid' at all.
    Living wage for a single (by far the most numerous household type) is £8.50 - so £7.20 would still leave them well short.

    Using rough and ready figues (like an average minimum wage) and then building more rough and ready indexes based on it is very, very stupid.

    The Joseph Roundtree 'experts' and their figures/conclusions should be given a very, very wide birth. Their complete incompetence would seem to make them far better suited to be 'climate scientists.'.

    FWIW It seems that the Joseph Roundtree idiots overstate the issue for older people who may be couples (with upto 2 children), but hugely understate if for the young who are more likely to be single.

  2. Rowntree. Joseph Rowntree. No opinion on whether the rest of your comment is as accurate.


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