Tuesday 16 September 2014

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SOURCE TELEGRAPH: Alex Salmond goes to war with BBC over RBS 'leak'
An irate Alex Salmond today declared war on the BBC after the Corporation disclosed Royal Bank of Scotland’s decision to move its headquarters to England if there is a Yes vote. The First Minister dismissed the economic significance of announcements by RBS, Lloyds Banking Group, Tesco Bank, TSB and Clydesdale Bank to re-domicile south of the Border, saying they only meant moving “brass plates” instead of jobs. Mr Salmond directed a tirade at Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political editor, who repeatedly challenged him to answer questions about the economic impact of RBS’s decision. Mr Salmond said the change would not affect a separate Scotland’s corporation tax receipts, referring to a letter to staff by Ross McEwan, the RBS chief executive, saying jobs and operations would not move.

SOURCE DAILY RECORD: Alex Salmond clashes with BBC political editor Nick Robinson as he is asked about the economic dangers of independence
RATTLED Alex Salmond clashed angrily with TV’s Nick Robinson as he tried to shrug off dire warnings about the economic dangers of independence. Tempers flared as the BBC’s political editor raised Royal Bank of Scotland’s contingency plan to move its HQ to London with Salmond at his curtain call with world’s media. To applause from his Nationalist aides, the First Minister laid into Robinson. He insisted RBS was just looking to move its “brass plate” and that any change of HQ would not have any impact on jobs or taxes. And Salmond tried to turn the tables on Robinson by brandishing a print out of a BBC website report that quoted Treasury sources revealing that RBS could move. The SNP chief demanded a leak inquiry. Briefing “market sensitive information” broke basic Treasury rules and the RBS share price had changed overnight as a result, he said.


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