Monday 22 September 2014

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Fee and Chris try to guess what happens next...

SOURCE SKY NEWS: Scotland Devolution Pledge 'Non-Negotiable'
Scotland First Minister Alex Salmond has accused the No campaign of tricking voters into believing the promise of devolution. He said: "I suppose I feel sorry for those in the No side who were tricked by Westminster into believing there would be an immediate offer of extra powers, an explicit timescale, the vow that was given to Scotland obviously persuaded some people to vote No at the last minute, and now within 24 hours of the polls closing they start to tear up the commitments." But Better Together leader Alistair Darling says political leaders who row back on devolution pledges will "pay a heavy price". He said: "The agreement reached by the three parties, as far as I'm concerned, is non-negotiable... It was promised, it's got to be delivered, and anyone who welshes on that will pay a very heavy price for years to come." He insisted a pledge to devolve more powers to Scotland made before the independence referendum will be acted upon within the timetable. The pledge, to be signed by the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat leaders, would call on the Government to establish a command paper including the devolution proposals of all three parties by October 30. Draft clauses for a new Scotland Bill would then be ready by the end of January, with the legislation being delivered by whichever government comes into office at the General Election.


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