Friday 5 September 2014

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If Scotland chooses independence, Chris, Fee and KJ wonder who might have to bail out whom...

SOURCE DAILY MAIL: Salmond toasts 'very encouraging' opinion poll which puts his Yes campaign just six points behind in independence battle
Support for the Yes vote has surged following the First Minister's triumph in last week’s TV debate against former Chancellor Alistair Darling, leader of the Better Together campaign. The YouGov survey for The Times and The Sun showed 48 per cent plan to vote No, 42 per cent back the Yes campaign and 10 per cent remain undecided. Excluding Don’t Knows, No is on 53 percentage points compared to 47 percentage points for Yes. Three weeks ago, the split was 61 points for No and 39 for Yes. According to YouGov, undecided voters are twice as likely to vote for independence. The surge will add to concerns that the momentum may be with the independence campaign as the referendum approaches on 18 September. 


Inequality: the UK has 9 of the 10 poorest regions in Northern Europe. But Inner London is the richest

Graphs at a glance: With highest pay and highest job growth is London sucking the life out of Britain?

Graphs at a glance: Budget 2014 document shows we’re growing through borrowing. Again. That's why Britain needs a pay rise

Graphs at a glance: Britain is already a low-pay economy with falling average wages

Is your Cost of Living crisis over?! Average wages are still back where they were 10 years ago

Who needs fat cat pay? The Germans don't. See the comparison with the UK

Graphs At A Glance: NI and Income taxes make hiring costs too expensive for employers? Ours are the lowest in the EU, bar Malta, Ireland and Cyprus

Graphs at a glance: Workers driven from full to part time work is the only reason employment is holding up

Graphs at a glance: Budget 2014 document shows we’re growing through borrowing. Again. That's why Britain needs a pay rise

Graphs at a glance: The £20bn paid out by the banks for their PPI mis-selling is more than all their taxes paid since 2008

The bailout of our banks continues. Not from the taxpayer, but from your pathetic savings interest rates. See the BofE data

Financial Reporting Council says just 2% of bank and building society audits are up to scratch

The Interest Rate Swaps that screwed 40,000 small and medium sized businesses: how the regulator allowed the banks to be judge and jury for their own dodgy deals

RBS accused of seizing small business assets and selling them at knock-down prices to an RBS subsidiary

Graphs at a glance: The government wants you to think we made a profit on sale of Lloyds Bank shares. Actually we made a thumping loss!

Graphs at a glance: How re-mortgaging covered up the theft of Britain's growing wealth in the boom, and helped cause the bust


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