Friday 22 April 2016

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Chris and KJ work themselves up over the EU referendum...


Election 2015: more voters swung left than right. It was the constituency boundaries wot won it!

Osborne's 2016 budget protects the wealthiest while the most vulnerable suffer

Department of Health consultation embarrassingly shows public strongly against Tory plans for NHS

Our NHS is expensive? Comparable countries' public/private mix costs them even more

The poorest 10% get 18 fewer years of health than the top 10%, and 9 fewer years of life

NHS budget is protected? Not per head, which is what counts. Our growing and ageing population means it's a £5bn/year cut

Cuts to the NHS, Military, the Courts, Prisons, Benefits, Passports... Will fixing the chaos end up costing more than the cuts saved?

Liebrary: PFI saves us virtually nothing, if you believe the NAO’s figures. If you believe the Commons Treasury Committee, it costs us a vast amount that nobody has yet quantified


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