Wednesday 22 September 2010

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KJ explains why immigrants are a vital part of British society

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  1. Most politicians are saying what the 'translator' in this scetch is saying. They know that immigration improves an economy as the economy gets bigger and the pie being shared by all is larger. Instead the Daily Mail and tabloids owned by Murdoch have the UK public convinced of two fallacies: First, that immigrants are frauding the benefits system- not true. Statistics show immigrants are one-quarter a likely as 'native Brits' to be claiming benefits. Secondly, that immigrants earn less than 'native Brits'- UNHCR stats show immigrants on average earn more- this is because immigration itself takes guts, attracts go-getters, and no-one moves to brighter opportunities just to sit on the Dole. The ugly truth is that it is our own who are cheating and lack ambition. Politicians are pandering to that vote. Send our own lazy citizens out into the real world, fill the UK with hard-working and friendly Filipinos et al. and we would yet back to the kind of service we used to enjoy.


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