Tuesday 5 March 2013

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Cameron can only look on...

SOURCE GUARDIAN: Michael Gove forced into U-turn on GCSE replacement plan
Education secretary abandons English Baccalaureate certificate after pressure from Lib Dems and exam watchdog. The Liberal Democrat input is the second time they have helped thwart Gove's policies. Last year, Nick Clegg lobbied hard for the Department for Education to drop plans leaked to newspapers about a two-tier replacement for the GCSE, billed by some as a return to O-levels and CSEs.


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  1. Report from the government's Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission:

    "What caused the improvement in Key Stage 2 test scores that led to the ‘London effect’ at Key Stage 4 is not clear. However, the explanation will be related to changes in London’s primary schools in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This means that programmes and initiatives such as the London Challenge, the Academies Programme, Teach First or differences in resources are unlikely to be the major explanation (as these changes either happened too late, were focused on secondary schools or were longstanding, and therefore
    are unlikely to account for the rapid improvements we see). "


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