Friday 19 July 2013

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Fee, Chris and KJ reckon it's not just about the money...

SOURCE GUARDIAN: Huge rise in use of food banks since welfare changes, says aid body
The number of people being fed by charity food banks during the three months since the government's welfare changes took effect has risen by 200%, according to the UK's biggest voluntary food aid network.

SOURCE DAILY MAIL: Hidden hungry: More than half a million people forced to use food banks as families seek emergency help to stave off hunger
Shocking figures have revealed that more than half a million people across Britain are now forced to use food banks to stave off hunger, the government was warned today. Up to half of those seeking help were doing so as a direct result of having benefit payments delayed, reduced or withdrawn, a report by Church Action On Poverty and Oxfam said. Other factors behind the increase on those using emergency help - the 'hidden hungry' - include rising food prices, unemployment and energy costs.


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  1. Land of the rip-off merchant
    Set in a radio-active sea
    Those with too much money, don't care about being free.
    My Land! Oh giant land-fill site!
    Things won't chage you bet!
    Brits, who made thee cruddy,
    Make thee cruddier yet!
    Make thee cruddier yet!
    Brits, who made thee cruddy,


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