Friday 25 July 2014

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Fee, KJ and Chris wonder what difference it'll make...

Association for Citizenship Teaching: GCSE Citizenship Studies continues to be used by many schools and centres across the country with just under 54,000 candidates attaining the qualification in 2013. The provisional statistics for the subject published by the Joint Council for Qualifications show that overall candidate numbers for Citizenship Studies have fallen in the short course, but there has been a small increase in numbers for the full course.


Riposte: What does banking contribute to UK Plc? 7 myths exposed, and why we must rein them in

Wonga caught sending fake bullying legal letters? Banks, energy firms, government and others use them too

Graphs at a glance: The £20bn paid out by the banks for their PPI mis-selling is more than all their taxes paid since 2008

The bailout of our banks continues. Not from the taxpayer, but from your pathetic savings interest rates. See the BofE data

Financial Reporting Council says just 2% of bank and building society audits are up to scratch

If mis-selling is a fraud, why aren’t bank and energy execs jailed? Especially when the law gives clear guidelines for jailing fraudsters

The Interest Rate Swaps that screwed 40,000 small and medium sized businesses: how the regulator allowed the banks to be judge and jury for their own dodgy deals

RBS accused of seizing small business assets and selling them at knock-down prices to an RBS subsidiary

Graphs at a glance: The government wants you to think we made a profit on sale of Lloyds Bank shares. Actually we made a thumping loss!

Graphs at a glance: How re-mortgaging covered up the theft of Britain's growing wealth in the boom, and helped cause the bust

Graphs at a glance: Official stats show Free Schools are no better, but they are cheaper to "build" from ex-office space!


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