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Surely Cameron can commission another poll giving a different answer...

SOURCE GUARDIANICM asked voters to choose between two views of the chancellor's headline proposal for a 1% cap on benefit rises. Just 36% agreed with the coalition's argument that "squeezing benefits is fair, seeing as wages for workers are also being squeezed", whereas 58% inclined to the case made by the opposition that squeezing benefits and tax credits "is unfair, seeing as it will hurt the vulnerable, including many who people who do work hard for low pay".


Are the unemployed (a) Skivers and (b) A cause of the ballooning benefits bill? ONS and DWP figures show they are not

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  1. Why the fuck if sdmeones unemployed or Ill through no fault of their own why do they get labled as skivers,scroungers I admit some abuse the system but a lot are genuine... so get yer facts right the biggest scroungers if you do yer homework are the people or most of them runnin the fuckin country and lining their own pockets


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