Tuesday 29 January 2013

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The government officially allows big corporates to meet ministers "to improve coordination." The dates of the meetings are publicly available, but what was said is not! Don't worry, Cameron will save us...

SOURCE GUARDIAN 'Buddy' scheme to give more multinationals access to ministers
The controversial "strategic relations" initiative was launched in July 2011, giving 38 companies, including oil, telecoms and pharmaceutical giants, a direct line to ministers and officials. That number will now be extended to 80. The 38 companies – more than two-thirds of which are based overseas – have collectively had 698 face-to-face meetings with ministers under the current government, prompting accusations of an over-cosy relationship between corporations and ministers. The full degree of contact between the chosen companies and the government is not known as the content of telephone calls, emails, and meetings with officials are not recorded.


Nothing is done to stop the "Big 4" accountancy firms that make tax dodging happen

Are MPs taking revenge for being caught? MP Expenses Committee disbanded and replaced


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