Friday 31 May 2013

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But how come KJ is a lot more disappointed than Fee and Chris?

SOURCE MIRROR: Private firms are running frontline NHS services by stealth
David Cameron’s election campaign promised the NHS was safe in his hands, and that frontline services would not be touched. But Virgin Care’s interests include sexual health services, children’s services, radiology departments, diagnostic and urgent care centres and even entire GP practices. More than 100 NHS services are now run by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. Health reforms have already handed £7bn in contracts to private firms such as Virgin, Care UK, Serco and Circle, with a further £20bn predicted. Virgin is notorious for getting its brand name in front of everything it does, including planes, trains, TV, mobile phones and internet. But there is little or no sign of the Virgin brand, just the usual NHS logos. The accusation is that the private companies prefer to conceal their involvement. 


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  1. ALL GP surgeries are PRIVATE companies even the doddering old doctors who treat your dad years ago.


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