Friday 17 May 2013

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KJ, Chris and Fee have a brilliant idea...

SOURCE DAILY MAIL: One nurse for 250,000 patients: whistleblower reveals nurses are replacing GPs to cover entire counties
The revelations about Britain's biggest out-of-hours private care provider Harmoni come from a whistleblower GP. Harmoni makes £100million a year from NHS contracts. The GP has made a number of other startling allegations about how Harmoni is routinely jeopardising safety to cut costs. They include:
Terminally-ill cancer patients made to wait eight hours for a doctor to visit them at home and administer pain relief; Foreign doctors with a poor grasp of English being used to plug gaps in the rota; Locum doctors flying in on easyJet from Europe, or driving from elsewhere in Britain, to work back-to-back shifts round-the-clock without sleep.



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