Friday 20 September 2013

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KJ and Fee try to look on the bright side of nepotism...

SOURCE MIRROR  DAILY MAIL : Quarter of MPs give jobs to family: Taxpayers' bill for politicians who employ wives and children soars to £4m a yearDespite fury over parliamentary expenses, 155 MPs – nearly one in four – now have wives, children and even parents on the public payroll. The relatives enjoy salaries as high as £50,000 for office duties – costing taxpayers £4million last year. Hypocritical MPs dishing out taxpayers’ money to relatives while arguing for a freeze on public sector pay include Cabinet minister Michael Moore, health minister Dan Poulter and foreign minister Alistair Burt.


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  1. I'm inclined to say that 25% of all MPs are thieves, but that would probably understate the truth


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