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Chris, Fee and KJ work out things could get better - briefly - before they get worse...
SOURCE SKY NEWS: Boris Johnson says 'Blast Me With Water Cannon'.
Boris Johnson has offered to be blasted by a water cannon to show they are safe as the political row over the weapon intensifies. The London Mayor has ordered three water cannon for the capital despite the Home Secretary having not officially sanctioned their use. Theresa May insisted she had yet to consider the use of the weapon, with the Metropolitan Police yet to make the case and a "health and safety" assessment of their use needed.

SOURCE TELEGRAPH: Water cannon set to be deployed across Britain amid fears of more riots
Documents disclosed by the Association of Chief Police Officers show plans have been drawn up for the cannon to be used against protesters and rioters in the future. Police warn they expect water cannon will be required because “the ongoing and potential future austerity measures are likely to lead to continued protest”. They claimed the machines would have given them an “operational advantage” in the 2011 riots.

SOURCE TELEGRAPH: Water cannon ban - Politicians, unions and campaigners call for Home Secretary not to authorise use of water cannon
SIR – We write to express our deep concern at the attempt by the Metropolitan Police to introduce water cannon on the streets of London, and urge Theresa May, the Home Secretary, not to authorise their use. The Association of Chief Police Officers’ own briefing acknowledges that “water cannon are capable of causing serious injury or even death”.


Is your Cost of Living crisis over?! Average wages are still back where they were 10 years ago

Who needs fat cat pay? The Germans don't. See the comparison with the UK

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Despite clear official warnings, Cameron's "cuts for cuts sake" cut the flood defence budget in 2010. See the data, and all the other such cuts so far


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