Tuesday 29 September 2015

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The government has regularly given assurances that they will curb top pay by giving shareholders the power to veto excessive pay packages. But the pay of the average FTSE 100 Chief Executive has increased by nearly £500,000 in the last year. FTSE 100 bosses are now paid an average £4.72 million, equivalent to hourly pay of well nearly £1,200. It takes them just around 22 hours work to surpass the UK average earnings of £27,200. 

Written by
Hari & Jake
Peter Reynolds

Performed by
Peter Reynolds
Karina Garnett

Facts and figures taken from “One Law For Them: How Big Companies Flout Rules On Executive Pay” and "FTSE 100 CEO pay briefing 2013 – Have new rules on top pay had any impact?" by the High Pay Centre


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