Thursday 2 June 2016

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SOURCE INDEPENDENT: EU Referendum - Conservative rifts deepen as MPs call for David Cameron to quit
Bill Cash, a veteran Eurosceptic who chairs the European Scrutiny Committee, branded the PM's EU Remain campaign “monumentally misleading propaganda". His comments follow a weekend of Tory attacks on Mr Cameron, which were led by Nadine Dorries, who said she believed he will be “toast” within days of a Brexit vote and branded him an "outright liar". Prominent backbencher Andrew Bridgen also said that more than 50 MPs were ready to move against the Tory leader if Britons vote for Brexit on June 23. In another attack, employment minister Priti Patel said Mr Cameron was “too rich” to care about immigration. Meanwhile, Michael Gove and Mr Johnson launched an unprecedented attack on the Prime Minister's authority as they accused him of a having a “corrosive” impact on public trust in politicians because he had not lived up to promises to cut immigration.

SOURCE DAILY MAIL: David Cameron could be ousted as Prime Minister whether he wins or loses EU vote as MPs pledge to a force a coup if he fails to stop Tory civil war
Senior backbench Tory MPs this morning pledged to force a vote of no confidence if he fails to stop the blue-on-blue infighting that has rocked the Conservatives in the first week of the EU referendum campaign. The challenge to the Prime Minister's leadership came as Iain Duncan Smith, his Work and Pensions Secretary, launched an astonishing attack on his approach to the referendum this morning, accusing him of having a 'low opinion' of British people and leading a 'pessimistic' campaign. Just 50 Tory MPs are needed to trigger a vote of no confidence in the leader - meaning just over a third of the 139 pro-Brexit Tory names would be needed to trigger a coup and paving the way for Boris Johnson to become Prime Minister. A senior Tory MP told the Sunday Times: 'Cameron's position will be untenable even if he wins the referendum if he carries on like this. There will be no problem getting 50 names.'


Election 2015: more voters swung left than right. It was the constituency boundaries wot won it!

Osborne's 2016 budget protects the wealthiest while the most vulnerable suffer

Department of Health consultation embarrassingly shows public strongly against Tory plans for NHS

Our NHS is expensive? Comparable countries' public/private mix costs them even more

The poorest 10% get 18 fewer years of health than the top 10%, and 9 fewer years of life

NHS budget is protected? Not per head, which is what counts. Our growing and ageing population means it's a £5bn/year cut

Cuts to the NHS, Military, the Courts, Prisons, Benefits, Passports... Will fixing the chaos end up costing more than the cuts saved?

Liebrary: PFI saves us virtually nothing, if you believe the NAO’s figures. If you believe the Commons Treasury Committee, it costs us a vast amount that nobody has yet quantified


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