Thursday 7 June 2012

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Lycamobile is Tories' top corporate donor - but pays no corporation tax. 
Lycamobile has given Conservatives more than £300,000 in last nine months, but has paid no coporation tax for three years. GUARDIAN

How to turn around the economy? History shows austerity has never worked.
It's not just about the current economic environment. History shows that slashing budgets always leads to recession.  GUARDIAN

Savings accounts with the same name but different rates - a new trick to baffle savers.
Banks and building societies are offering different rates on the same deal — depending on the day customers opened the account. Providers routinely launch waves of accounts to attract (surely "confuse" - Ed) new customers, putting out 188 easy-access accounts last year. DAILY MAIL

Personnel bosses call to reject 'objectionable and unnecessary' Beecroft plan for easy sackings
The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) said the proposals outlined in the far-reaching report by venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft would fail to achieve the intended result of kick-starting recruitment.  DAILY MAIL

High Court rejects £100m claim by sports stars against failed tax planner.
 A £100m tax dodge "sold" to wealthy sports stars failed in the end to get past HMRC. The sports stars sued the tax planner, but lost the case.  DAILY MAIL

Cut in police numbers has contributed to rise in crime, police chief warns. 
Burglary and violent crime is rising in some parts of the country because of the swingeing cuts in police numbers, a police chief has warned. TELEGRAPH


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