Thursday 28 June 2012

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Bob Diamond shamed into giving up bonus after Barclays fined £290m for attempting to rig money markets
By repeatedly submitting artificially low figures, Barclays gave a false impression of its financial strength. DAILY MAIL

Mis-selling scandal set to destroy thousands of small businesses and jobs

Britain's big banks were today accused by MPs and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) of a huge new mis-selling scandal that could destroy thousands of small firms and cost 80,000 jobs. FEDERATION OF SMALL BUSINESSES

G4S chief predicts mass police privatisation

Private companies will be running large parts of the police service within five years, according to security firm boss GUARDIAN
The £705,000 'affordable' home
Some housing associations are stretching the meaning of 'affordable home' to the limit GUARDIAN

Financial Services Authority has warned that Britain's four largest banks face more questions over their sale of misleading and crippling interest rate hedges to small business customers. TELEGRAPH

Farepak "Christmas savings scheme" collapse case thrown out at the high court
Savers offered just 15p in the £1. Farepak directors made millions, although they did try to secure £4m for savers. But lending bank HBOS, now part of Lloyds Banking Group, blocked this move to ensure they got repaid in full. TELEGRAPH

'Two-tier fees' to call companies, Which? claims
New customers are given a free 0800 number to call, whilst "sucker" loyal existing customers have to pay premium rates BBC NEWS

France's finance minister has declared a crusade against executive pay at state-controlled companies
A wage cap of €450,000 (£365,000) a year for bosses is a matter of "justice and morality" GUARDIAN

Charity collector 'Chuggers' tricks revealed in investigation
High street charity fundraisers, known as "Chuggers", are facing questions over their use of increasingly aggressive, intimidatory and potentially unlawful tactics. The public is told the donation “buys 15 minutes of a nurse’s time” but in fact the cost of the operation can far outstrip the amount raised, and the real purpose is to collect mobile phone numbers. Donors are then telephoned from a call centre by a further set of fundraisers to be persuaded to give regularly by direct debit. TELEGRAPH

The prime minister has suggested that people under the age of 25 could lose the right to housing benefit
Part of moves to cut the welfare bill. BBC NEWS

Jimmy Carr row: No 10 set to shelve plan to publish ministers' tax returns
Ministers are not closed to idea of disclosing their tax details but it is 'not a very near-future thing', says No 10 GUARDIAN

Government stalls on banning ‘rip-off’ credit and debit card surcharges

Mobile phone providers use 'roaming rip-off' loophole to pocket price cuts they should pass to customers
Phone operators are sneakily promoting a series of ‘bundled’ deals because they are exempt from the legal requirement to pass on the savings DAILY MAIL


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