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Benefit and Tax Credit fraud = £1.6bn
UK government figures for 2012 estimate benefits overpaid due to fraud is £1.2 billion and tax credit fraud is £380 million. So just under £1.6 billion in total; less than 1% of the overall benefits and tax credits expenditure and less than benefits underpaid and overpaid due to error.

All UK fraud = £73bn
The UK government estimates that total fraud (public, private and business) across the whole of the economy amounts to £73 billion a year.
SOURCE: HM Government National Fraud Authority

Tax dodging = £120bn
HMRC estimate for tax evasion and "aggressive" avoidance = £30bn+
Tax Research UK says this is a gross underestimate, and puts the figure at £120bn
SOURCE: Tax Research UK

YouGov poll conducted for the TUC: "Only 21 per cent of people think that this family with two school-age children would be better off if one of the unemployed parents got a 30 hour a week minimum wage job, even though they would actually end up £138 a week better off. Even those who thought they would be better off only thought on average they would gain by £59."


New Year Message: Time to stop ordinary Britons being subtly divided by mistrust of ordinary Britons

UK regional map showing where 1 in 5 adults are in "excessive debt". The vast majority of them are working "strivers"

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  1. I don't see any links so sources.

    I'm assuming that your example is taking account of benefits that the family with a working patent would be entitled (such as child tax credits) to and isn't just taking account if their earnings?


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