Friday 30 May 2014

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Including the Royal British Legion! KJ learns more from his mate, a British Gas salesman...

SOURCE DAILY MAIL: British Gas salesmen who double your bills 'were treated like celebrities and given free helicopter rides for ripping off customers'- British Gas paid staff bonuses for inflating business customers’ bills – and churches and charities were targeted because they had fewer resources to shop around. Employees who made the highest profits by ensuring customers were sold the most expensive deals possible were sent on holidays to places such as Monaco, Rome and Iceland. Employees selling gas at base price for a one-year contract earn £18, but if they double costs to 5.5p per unit over three years they earn £435. Their food and drink was paid for and often they were given spending money. Other rewards included vouchers, 3D TVs, laptops, theatre tickets and PlayStations. A whistleblower who won a holiday said: ‘You were treated as if you were a celebrity. They spent thousands on each person for these trips... We are encouraged to charge as much as we can. If the customer is a charity, or someone who doesn’t speak English, they are so easy to mislead, it’s gold dust to us. British Legion is great because the volunteers are elderly.”


If mis-selling is a fraud, why aren’t bank and energy execs jailed? Especially when the law gives clear guidelines for jailing fraudsters

Graphs at a glance: Wholesale energy price data from OFGEM and NPower show the key excuse for energy price hikes has been a fib

Graphs at a glance: Energy companies' price hike tactics make switching futile

Mortality always rises in winter. But 1 in 5 of these 30,000 deaths are because people can't afford to heat their homes

Graphs at a glance: study shows fewer than 1 in 10 members of the public trust or regard as ethical banks and energy companies



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