Tuesday 1 October 2013

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SOURCE TELEGRAPH: George Osborne denies work for the dole scheme is 'heartless'
George Osborne has denied his new work for the dole scheme is "heartless", instead claiming the initiative is a "compassionate approach" to people whom the previous government ignored. Tens of thousands of long-term jobless welfare claimants will have to work for 30 hours a week doing community work such cooking meals for the elderly and picking up litter or lose their unemployment benefits.


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  1. To me and many other people it's obvious what Gideon, IDS and the rest of the Nasty Party are doing, allowing their like minded mega-rich friends to continue dodging paying taxes (tax loopholes), therefore extending the huge gap between rich and poor! That whist continuing to attack the most vulnerable/poor (as usual) >:(

    Thanks again for this article, your cartoon says it all! :)


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