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At the Tory party conference in October 2013 David Cameron claimed HS2 "is about bringing north and south together" creating centres of excellence outside London. Cameron proclaimed:

"This country has been too London-centric for far too long. That’s why we need a new North-South railway line. The fact is this. The West Coast mainline is almost full. We have to build a new railway and the choice is between another old-style Victorian one – or a high speed one."

In fact a study done by the HS2 organisation in March 2012 found the greatest beneficiary of the proposed line would be London. The report states:

"It can be seen from Table 2.1 that growth from all GOR [Government Office Regions] to London is especially high, and that growth away from London, whilst not as fast is higher than between most GOR’s. This is because PDFH4.1 [the passenger demand model used in the report] associates high income elasticity on flows to London, and this elasticity increases with distance"

HS2 route map by Cnbrb
In short, because people can gain a higher income in London they will travel there. HS2 spreads London's tentacles wider. The BBC managed to dig out data on the 'winners and losers' of HS2, using a Freedom of Information request. The raw data they found conceals just how big a winner London is by reporting "London Central" seperately from London West; London South West; London South East; London South/Croydon; London North East; London North.

The graph below shows what happens when you combine the London regions:


  1. Daily Mail reports:

    "London job market steams ahead of other cities since the turn of the decade fuelling fears of an unequal economic recovery

    Capital created 10 times more jobs than any other city between 2010-12
    Bristol, Glasgow and Sheffield saw job opportunities shrink"

  2. If it was meant to benefit the north first, then the first phase would be to build the line connecting Birmingham to Leeds; then Manchester to Birmingham ... and finally Birmingham to London. But the actual phasing tells you the priorities

  3. And Liverpool? The port? The country's second financial centre? 30 miles from Manchester and completely ignored.

  4. If the government is so concerned about north, then reduce the time to commute from Liverpool to Hull/Newcastle to less than 2.5 hours. If one can travel from York to London in 2 hours, why not in north east to west? I know this will NEVER happen in my lifetime because, forget fast trains, 30% of the track in not even electrified yet and there are no intentions to do it in near future.

  5. I said it when HS2 was first mentioned and this research confirms it; All HS2 will do for the north is provide another vessel through which London will suck it dry!

  6. So much made up false grievance winging , even Scottish Government are willing contributing to HS2 as they accept it WILL bring them economic benefits even though HS2 isn't going to Scotland , Grow up people.


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