Tuesday 8 October 2013

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SOURCE GUARDIAN: George Osborne's crazy scheme is the latest in half a century of political bribery. But Britons never question why home ownership should be subsidised.



  1. They will cause house price rises, meaning even less young people will be able to get a home of their own.
    Those that manage to buy will end up with having to borrow more to attain that rising price and if we have another crash when the scheme ends they will be in negative equity.
    So much for reducing the country's relience on debt.
    More short termism, from inept British MP's, don't they ever learn from German economics.
    Germany government governs for the nation, our governments govern for themselves, rich friends, tax exiles and their bilderburg mates.

  2. They should be putting this cash into growing our manufacturing base so we can increase our exports, which would make us all better off as well as the 'feel good factor'.
    Germany has a very strong manufacuring base with VW inc Porsche AG, Siemens, Bosch, Mercedes, BMW, AEG, Daimler AG inc Mercedes-Benz, Continental, Miele, RWE inc UK companies nPower and Innogy etc.
    With so many growing emerging markets exporters have a great opportunity, but we just don't have enough companies manufacturing or the skill base through a poor education system based on pointless university courses.

  3. The Tories have killed the NHS, now the housing market, they are only in it for themselves and donors. London have a housing and poverty crisis and the mayor who is on a jolly boys to China wants to fetch back hunting with dogs. I do not know any hunting that goes on in London, more like the UK is going to the dogs.


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